F1 5-IN-1 UNIVERSAL TRAVEL ADAPTER + USB, $35, flight001.com.

A universal travel adapter that converts electric current around the world. The travel store Flight 001 has a "5-in-1" color-coded adapter, $35.

Portable chargers to keep devices running on the road. Anker's PowerCore 26800, $48, can charge an iPhone more than six times. For hikers and beach bums, Anker's PowerPort Solar Lite, $51, was deemed the best solar charger by The New York Times' Wirecutter product-testing company.

The Tile, $35, to keep track of belongings. Attach the Tile to an object like keys or bags, or tuck it inside a passport case or wallet, and you can locate the item with Bluetooth technology. For outdoor gear, try Tile Sport.

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This undated image provided by Tile shows the Tile device. By attaching the Tile hardware to an item you don't want to lose, you can use Bluetooth technology to locate the item. Travelers have begun using Tile to keep track of passports and other items on the road. (Tile via AP)

Tiny Bluetooth speakers, like the $28 Oontz, to fill a hotel room or vacation rental with music.

Power strip or cube tap (a cube-shaped adapter with multiple outlets) to charge multiple devices in hotel rooms and airports.

Headlamp for hiking, reading and crafting. Or the mini Lumio lamp and battery pack, which opens and closes like a book, $150.


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