17 Most Beautiful Travel

You're in the middle of your work week and daydreaming about your next vacation. You've checked out of work- doing this time and time again. Well, it's time to start turning these daydreams into reality, and pack your bags! 2017 is shaping up to be an excellent year for budget travel. So where should you go on your next trip? Here are our favorite picks for the most affordable destinations to visit this year.

Mazatlan, Mexico


Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations you can visit. Mazatlan is a great place to enjoy more culture and is the shrimp capital of Mexico, making it a foodie paradise. Mazatlan is overflowing with awesome eateries and fresh, interesting dishes. Hotels (including all-inclusive properties) are extremely inexpensive and authentic since most aren’t part of the huge chains. A lot of the hotels have awesome pools that are perfect for families, great food and huge rooms, with rates are as low as $100 for a family of four. You can also enjoy superb dining at a top-notch restaurants for less than half what you’d pay in the United States.

South Africa


In South Africa, it’s a developed tourist destination with a solid infrastructure. While spending time in Cape Town, getting around is super inexpensive. Expect a budget of under $20 in transportation per day using Uber. Hotels are cheaper, too- book a standard room in Cape Town, a luxury room similar to one in New York costs around $200. Consider going in our summer time (South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere) when hotels and safari lodges are even less expensive. Airbnb and private villa rentals are also reliable and cheap options in the major cities. Bonus tip: the best value of all is the wine. Travelers can order a glass of one of the best locally produced bottles for less than the cost of a can of soda.



While visiting Chile, Santiago is the best location for its vibrant food and wine scene — think tucked-away wine bars, delicious tapas and hip hotels in a beautiful city. To experience a lesser-known and rural part of the world, check out the small lakeside town of Puerto Varas. It's part of the lakes district in Chile and the northern start of Patagonia. It's super easy and cheap to rent a car and explore this area. With Puerto Varas as a a central focal point, you can explore great places within a two-hour drive from the city. You can check out the top of a volcano, exploring waterfalls, finding the best cakes and food. 

Crete, Greece


The economic crisis in Greece is keeping prices lower than ever, and it’s the perfect time to visit the beautiful island of Crete. Crete is a foodie dream come true. A place where farm-to-table isn’t a new fad, it’s a way of life. The people here often live to be well over 100 years old so they must be doing something right! If you're a nature lover, you're in for a real treat with stunning beaches like Balos beach. Locals welcome tourists with open arms, and you are bound to have the trip of a lifetime and save a few dollars at the same time.



Morocco is one of the most affordable African countries, especially when it comes to flight and hotel cost. Food is by far one of the top main reason for visiting as often as people do, and typical meals can range from only $2.50 to $15 for two. For vegetarians and vegans, the country is especially great, as veggies are cheaper than meat. Don't forget to load up on souvenirs, as Morocco is a shopaholics dream destination. 

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