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Thanksgiving is about reflecting on what you're grateful for with friends and family, but it’s also about eating a whole lot of turkey. When it comes to carving your bird, don’t leave guests hungry and waiting. This year, try an electric carving set to serve your feast more quickly than ever.

Making your own pizza at home is an easy and affordable way to feed the family, try out different flavor combinations, and tailor your favorite meal to your dietary restrictions. But cutting the perfect slice isn’t always easy. Traditional pizza cutters can be bulky, hard to clean, and often leave you with an uneven cut. Instead, try this smartly designed pizza cutter by Kitchy that Amazon customers are raving about.

Football season is upon us once again, and now is the perfect time to make sure your tailgating setup is ready to handle the next home game. Whether you prefer to fire up the grill, get some games going or simply to sit back and crack open a beer, this tailgating guide will have you covered.

Having a picnic at the park or the beach is practically the default summer activity. You can play it simple, but why not bring your outdoor noshing and lounging game to the next level? Imagine chilled wine, a nice chair to sit in and even some lawn games for the kids (or adults) to get excited over. Read on to find our top 10 picks to bring along to your next picnic.