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Cranberries are a common part of holiday celebrations, whether they're used as garland decorating a Christmas tree or in the holiday meal. One of the few native North American fruit crops, cranberries provide plenty of health benefits, too.

Colorful gourds are popular fall decorations and pumpkins have several uses. But no matter if you're growing or purchasing pumpkins or gourds for display, decoration, cooking or storage, choosing the best specimens and storing them properly is key.

Last week, a client brought in a large white fungal orb that she had dug out of her grandson’s lawn. It was the type of fungi a mushroom hunter may rejoice over finding, but this woman and her grandson considered it troublesome as it made it difficult to mow. There are many varieties of what was diagnosed as puffball mushrooms. Some are smaller and some larger, some pure white and some dirty brown.