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Whether you’re a frequent traveler, receive packages while you’re at work, or live alone, there’s one affordable way to protect your home and belongings—a video doorbell. This wi-fi enabled doorbell from Ring is the best way to monitor your home without dropping hundreds of dollars on a security system. Here are 3 reasons you should consider installing a video doorbell:

1) You want to protect your packages.

If you regularly get packages delivered to your door, you’ve probably been the victim of package theft at least once. A video doorbell might not prevent thieves from grabbing your deliveries, but the spotting the camera could deter them. It’ll also catch the culprit in real time using motion detection and send an alert to your phone. Having video of the theft could help with any package insurance claims and assists the police.

2) You live alone.

Video doorbells are a great way to feel more secure if you live alone. Whether you’re trying to keep solicitors at bay or you’re nervous about opening the door late at night to an unexpected guest, Ring can help you screen your visitors. The doorbell has two-way audio, so you can hear and speak to whoever rings your bell before deciding whether to open the door.

3) You can keep an eye on your house while you travel.

Burglars commonly scout houses that look like they’ve been unoccupied for a few days before breaking in, but a video doorbell can help you keep an eye on any suspicious activity. Anyone who approaches your front door will be caught on camera, so if you notice someone creeping around you can call a neighbor to check in on your house. The doorbell also has night vision, so you’ll get a clear feed even after dark.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell available from Amazon

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