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If you’re a light sleeper or need to cut back on cooling costs this summer, blackout curtains could be a solution. These highly-rated curtains from Eclipse keep out sunlight so you can sleep in on a Sunday morning, diminish noise, and keep your home cooler without upping your electricity bill. They also come in a variety of colors and lengths so you can reflect your personal style.

Light Blocking

Eclipse blackout curtains offer maximum privacy and reduce sun or street light by 98 to 99.9 percent. If you find yourself waking up with the sun or have a schedule that requires you to fall asleep early, these curtains can help you keep light out.

Energy Saving

Eclipse curtains have an innovative foam-back construction that increases insulation and regulates the temperature of any room. If you have a living room or bedroom window that heats up in the summer sun, these curtains can keep your air conditioning costs down. They can also help keep rooms warmer in winter.

Noise Blocking

The same foam-back construction that regulates temperature helps block out outside noises, so your neighbors can enjoy their backyard barbeque well into the night while you experience a peaceful sleep.

Eclipse Thermaback Room Darkening Curtains available from Amazon

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