The Fellow's Stag EKG Electric Kettle brings extreme precision to your pour and your temperature regulation, and an aesthetic upgrade that the gooseneck kettle category desperately needed. It's by far the best and best-looking electric kettle on the market.

The EKG is the digital evolution of Fellow's original stovetop Stagg Kettle. It adds an electric base with beautiful digital controls that heats and maintains your desired water temperature to exacting precision, with a temperature range of 135 to boiling, and a 60-minute hold time. It's also very fast and has a built-in stopwatch for your brewing. For $50 more, the EKG+ model adds smartphone controls, which are cool but not essential, and integration with a few coffee scales and grinders, which you almost certainly don’t need. There's also the Corvo line, which eliminates the gooseneck.

Fellow continues to make the best coffee and tea accessories on the market, and I'm looking forward to testing their new vacuum canisters and steaming pitchers.

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