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Sharp lawn mower blades will help you achieve a healthy lawn by creating clean cuts that keep grass green and even. If you start to notice uneven patches or brown spots, your lawn mower blades may be in need of some TLC. Here’s how you know when to sharpen your blades and when to replace them:

When to Sharpen Mower Blades

During seasons where you’re regularly using your lawn mower, blades should be sharpened once every month to two months. Fortunately, sharpening is relatively easy with a drill attachment sharpener, or a handheld sharpener.

You may need to sharpen your lawn mower blades more regularly if you have a wooded yard with extra debris, you notice uneven cuts, or you find yourself making multiple passes with your mower.

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When to Replace Mower Blades

Lawn mower blades are built for durability and can usually be salvaged with regular sharpening. However, if you notice large dents and chips on the edge that aren’t smoothed out with a blade sharpener, it’s time to invest in new blades.

Yard debris can also wear down a blade over years, resulting in thin weak metal. If your blades are worn thin, replace them immediately to avoid breakage. If blades break while you’re mowing, they can cause injury.

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