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We all know that sitting at a desk all day isn’t the healthiest way to live, but for many of us that like paying our bills on time and buying groceries it’s an unavoidable reality. If you’re feeling burnt out and lethargic at your desk job, this under desk elliptical could be the perfect way to de-stress, burn off excess energy, and stay fit even when you’re chained to a computer for 8 hours a day.

How It Works

This under desk elliptical from Sunny Health and Fitness is compact enough to slide under most desks so you can pedal away from your office chair. The drive belt is paired with magnetic resistance to give you a solid workout that’s quiet enough to not drive your coworkers insane. There’s also a centrally located transportation handle so you can move the elliptical from your company office to home office with ease.

Customize Your Workout

This tiny elliptical is packed full of options to customize your workout. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance so you can lightly pedal while you answer emails or crank the resistance up to burn off presentation anxiety. The central digital monitor tracks time, calories, and distance so you can chart your progress.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers are raving about this under desk elliptical, giving it an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers loved that it was compact but extremely sturdy and didn’t slide around under the desk. They also liked how quiet this elliptical was, and said most coworkers would never notice if they weren’t moving. At $125, it’s also half the price of similar products.

Sunny Health and Fitness Under Desk Elliptical available from Amazon

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