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Most of us can’t imagine shelling out $550 for a hair styling tool, but Dyson’s airwrap complete styler comes at exactly that hefty price tag. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers who have bought and tried the styler left detailed reviews so you can choose whether you splurge or save. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s Different Than Traditional Hair Styling Tools

The Dyson airwrap complete styler works using only air to give you everything from a sleek blowout to voluminous curls. It includes 2-inch barrels for tighter curls, 6-inch barrels for loose waves, two smoothing brushes to beat frizz in thick and fine hair, a round brush to give flat hair a boost, and a pre-styling dryer. All the snap on tools are designed to dry as they style, and several reviews mentioned how much they loved the low heat since it left their hair feeling healthy instead of damaged.

Salon Hair at Home

Amazon reviewers who loved this Dyson hair styling tool said it made their hair look like they’d just stepped out of the salon. Reviewers with flat or fine hair were able to get curls to hold without product, and those with thick and frizz prone hair finally got a smooth finish.


A few reviewers weren’t in love with Dyson’s $550 hair styling tool, and the price was a big factor. For the same amount they felt they could buy several comparable tools that did the same job. One reviewer felt the tool was difficult to handle and had trouble getting the wands close to the scalp when curling. Some customers also didn’t like how much counter space the attachments took up in their bathroom, especially since they didn’t feel the need to use every attachment.

Worth the Splurge?

Amazon customers gave the Dyson airwrap complete styler an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. The styler seems best suited to those who style their hair at home every day, want to skip the extra step of drying long hair, and like to experiment with multiple hair styles every week. It was also a hit with customers who were trying to repair their heat damaged hair. If you already have a go-to style and a trusty curling iron, this styler might not be worth the splurge. If you love mixing it up, this tool could be the perfect addition to your morning routine for years to come.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styler for Multiple Hair Types available from Amazon

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