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If you’re enjoying the warm summer evenings by grilling, this grill-cleaning brush is a must. The heavy-duty brush from Kona offers a deep clean that over 2,000 Amazon customers swear by. Here’s why they love it:

Smart Design

This stainless-steel bristle-free brush eliminates melting nylon bristles or bristles in your food, and the 18-inch weather resistant handle allows you to reach difficult places on your grill and keep your hands away from the heat while you clean. The brush design also cleans like three brushes in one, so you can reach all the way around grill grates without straining. The brush is lightweight but powerful.


Customers mentioned how much safer it felt to clean with this grill brush thanks to the long, sturdy handle which can even be used with two hands for stubborn, burnt-on food particles.

Compatible with All Grills

Whether you have a porcelain, Weber, Char-Broil, stainless steel, or infrared grill, this brush will keep it in top shape. The brush cleans without damaging your grill, and keeps grates looking shiny and new.

Built to Last

Unlike traditional bristle brushes that quickly wear out over time, this stainless-steel brush is built to last. The brush comes with a 10 year no hassle warranty.

Kona Safe/Clean Bristle-Free Stainless Steel Grill Brush available from Amazon

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