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Between televisions, phones, laptops, tablets, speakers, smart home gadgets, and good old-fashioned lamps, an unsightly, tangled mess of cords can build up in your home. If you feel like cords are taking over your life, try these five brilliant ways to organize them.

1) Set up a charging station.

Charge your home’s smart phones and tablets in one place with a USB charging station. The organized dock only requires one cord to be plugged into a wall socket, and can charge four devices simultaneously.

Simicore USB Charging Station available from Amazon

2) Keep your cords in place with clips.

These cable clips have a 3M adhesive back that you can mount to your desk or wall. Just slide the cords through, and keep everything in one place while you work.

BELUGA Cable Clips & Cord Management System (Pack of 8) available from Amazon

3) Keep cords contained.

Using a cable management sleeve is a great way to keep cords contained in one bundle, eliminating a cluttered look behind your television or desk.

Cable Management Sleeve, 4 Piece available from Amazon

4) Protect power strips.

Keep power strips protected from small children and animals, and keep that jumble of cords hidden away with this cable management box. Just plug your cords into the power strip, and run them through the box for a more streamlined look.

DMoose Cable Management Box available from Amazon

5) Label and store unused cords.

Have you ever found a knot of cords in a drawer, and you’re not exactly sure what each cord is for? If you have duplicate cords, or chargers that aren’t frequently in use, store them in this convenient electronics accessory organizer. Slip notes into each compartment to remind yourself what the cords are for later.

BUBM Electronics Accessory Organizer available from Amazon

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