Catherine Bugue

Catherine Bugue, co-founder of the Napa Valley Wine Academy, has been the writer for the St. Helena Star and Napa Valley Vintners Tasting Panel for the past nine years.

You think it’s all there in your picnic pack: the briny oysters (check); warm crusty bread (check); your homemade champagne vinegar dip (yup); your ripe off-the-tree lem ... WAIT, you forgot the lemons! This is a bonafide OYSTER CRISIS.

Had you packed a bottle of this zesty Sauvignon Blanc from Peju, however, you’d be shrugging off your forgetfulness. Peju’s 2018 vintage is a powerhouse of citrus: white and pink grapefruit; lemon; and lime, with an undertow of rich guava fruit. A sip of this wine and a gulp of an oyster — and all is right again in the picnic world.

Catherine Bugue is the Star’s tasting panel writer. Her weekly pursuit of a good glass of wine provides a nice supply of choices for the Wine of the Week column. If you’d like to submit a Napa Valley wine for this column, please send it to the Napa Valley Wine Academy, 2501 Oak St., Napa, CA 94559. There’s no guarantee your wine will be chosen to be featured, but all wines will be evaluated and considered.

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