Poultry that has been roasted or made into hearty stews and soups calls for lush white wines that can stand up to the richness of these dishes. Blends made with viognier and chardonnay are good bets because they can be used to make bigger-bodied, mouth-filling whites that go so well with winter weather cuisine. Below are two examples from Spain and California.

Bodegas Costers del Sió 2017 Petit Siós Blanc, Costers del Segre, Spain

Bought • Parker’s Table, 7118 Oakland Avenue, in December for $11.99

Description • This delicious, lively white comes from the appellation of Costers del Segre, located in northeast Spain. It’s an uncommon white because viognier is not often found in Spanish wines. This grape variety makes up 60 percent of the blend along with 30 percent chardonnay and 10 percent moscatel de grano, a member of the muscat family. The result is an aromatic, beautifully balanced white that tastes of juicy stone and tropical fruits with refreshing citrus with mineral notes.

Vina Robles 2016 WHITE 4, Paso Robles, California

Bought • Parker’s Table, 7118 Oakland Avenue, in December for $11.99

Description • This potent white wine is not for the meek. It has a full, mouth- coating texture and an alcohol level of 14.9 percent, which is unusually high for a white wine. It’s made from an interesting combination of 45 percent viognier, 27 percent vermentino, 17 percent sauvignon blanc and 11 percent verdelho. The winery said it discovered this blend in a trial and found that the varieties responded well to growing conditions at its vineyard. This is a bold, spicy wine that’s best enjoyed with substantial, flavorful food.

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