In 2018, Tulsa lost its longest-running full-service bakery, Ann’s Bakery, after 80 years in business. It was a loss felt by generations of Tulsans.

On the positive side, the Tulsa area has had a remarkable renaissance in the baking business over the past five years.

From 2015 to 2018 alone, we welcomed seven new full-service bakeries, and each has developed loyal followings.

Not counting limited-item shops, such as doughnut, cake, cookie and cupcake shops, we recently checked out 16 locally owned, full-service bakeries. All have their own personalities, and all are doing some beautiful work.

Ever been to a barbecue joint and bakery? We have. We also have been to bakeries that have their roots in France, South Africa, Netherlands, Damascus, Mexico and Germany.

It’s a sweet trip around the world. Join us.